100 years ago the world was changed forever with the largest war it ever faced. The war to end all war had begun in a city called Sarajevo when the Archduke and heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian dynasty was assassinated. This move by a member of a radical Bosnian-Serb, Gavrilo Princip was well orchestrated and not the act of a single person but that of a group with the backing of Nations. Of course, this act did not start the war, it simply light the tinder box that had been Europe, where every nation was gearing for war for one reason or another.

In what everyone believed would be a quick series of victory and a rearrangement of the Colonies’ map, war began. This war however, was not to last a few weeks, but instead lasted several years (1914-18) and would have consequence far reaching, including setting the stage for World War II. The War to end all War, was not that at all, it was instead a war to set the stage for many others to come.

Today, one hundred years ago, the Austro-Hungarian declared War on Serbia. Time to negotiate had expired and the many pieces of the check board had begun to move. As per so many other strategies put in place (without the knowledge of the opponent) this were not to unfold has planned. The actions of upstart nations, others in decline offered an opportunity for Radical movement to take hold. Fascism, Nazism and others rendition of such extreme views would take root in the trenches of the Eastern and Western fronts with unspeakable consequences

There is certainly a lot to learn in history, but the most telling is that it does not only tell us about our past, but also foretells about our present and future.

Radicalism of all sorts has always been a dangerous setting and today more than ever before, the rise of radicals is cause for alarm. A forthcoming post will explore the root cause of radicalism and how it affects the everyday life of everyone.