Today I visited Queenston Heights, a location about 20 miles east of Nigara Falls, on the border with New York State.  This location was the site of one of the most important battle in the early days of the War of 1812.  it is on that site, a cold October of 1812 that Sir isaac Brock and his small group of regular and militia took on a much larger american force, who had crossed the tumulteous river in an effor to invade Upper Canada, a drive that was menat to secure all ofthe Canadas, free the Canadians from the British and make North America, a single nation, under a single flag.

it would appear that the Britsh,  the Canadians, American Loyalists and their first nations allies had ome other plan in mind.  The battle that raged for one day saw the commanding officer of the British force killed and close to one thousand americans taken prisoners.  The battle is now mostly forgotten by the many tourist who drive near the monument without seeing it on their way to Niagara Falls or Toronto, depending which way you drive and what is your intent on the road.

I must say that the commemorative monument to Major General Brock is one of the nieccest I have seen in my life,  and I have seen many. the monument present a long tower made of heacy cut stones, and a Greek style colomn, with at the top a proud general Brock pointing toard the horizon, the  base has four large lion with  shields on it he words Vinci Veritas, thruth and victory.  Guarding the monument are four ancient Troy Warriors.  Extremely impressive, yet what impressed me the most was not the site or the history itself, but the current one that is unfolding.  the parking lot was filled with cars from various Provinces and States, and no one was fighting or even armed.

If anyone in Oct 1812 had even brought forth the ideea that the antagonists could one day be the closest allied, living accross the longest undefended border in the world, that person would most likely have been shot by his own army for treason.  Yet, here we are, friends and allies, living together and caring more about the falls than the fallen.  If history teaches anything, its to look at our past to see the future.  100 years ago we were fighting the German

and were allied with the Japanese.  60 some years ago, we were fighting the Germans (again) and ennemy with the Japanese (ho were allied with the Germans), today we are all allies and at odd with the Russians and a number of other nations.   We should always be careful as to our view of othersad our intents toward them, s who knows when we will find ourselvves allied against another team.


Tomorrow it is off to Fort George, the site of more battles in the War of 1812 and the review of restaurants and the B&B I am staying at.