Fort George is a beautifully reconstructed Fort which was destroyed by the American Army in 1813 (War of 1812) where an overwhelming force of more than  1500 american soldiers supported by two war ships and a Fort of their own took on a small garrison of 140 persons.  The battled that ensued was (no shock  here) a one sided and decisive victory for the American Army.  Although by December 1813, following the burning of the town (the burning campaign that saw both sides destroy  and burn both;  public and private property had begun with the destruction of Toronto by a rogue US general) and the unlawful seizure (pillage really) of public property by a team of Canadian traitors.

The Fort was rebuilt in the 1930s as a Government project to create employment (make project to help) during  the great depression (sounds like a familiar strategy?), from the original plans and the many water colors of artists of the time.  Although some artistics liberties may have been taken with room furnishing and some of the painted colors, it is as closed to a real time Fort as one may hope to see.  The experience was tremendous and the history presented was once again done with enthusiasm and accuracy.

The patrons of the Fort were varied once again, but mainly consisted of Canadian and American tourists, former foes, now good friends and Allies.  It is this same representation that were present at the breakfast table of the Bed and Breakfast I stay on the previous night.

Off to another Fort and more history tomorow.