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Security Training

SITERA is a purveyor of superior security training programs that are based on the industry’s highest standard of practice and continuously updated based on ongoing research. In addition to this, SITERA also offers corporate services such as Workplace Violence and Harassment Investigations, Threat Risk Assessment, Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Management.

Harmonized Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (HTVRA) – 3 Day Course

This course provides security professionals, from all levels of Industry and Government, with the information and knowledge required to create, through the use of the approved Harmonized Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment model, a robust and resilient work environment.


Knowledge In Action

This course also provides security professionals with the expertise required to understand and apply the HTRVA methodology in order to conduct Threat Risk Assessments aligned with an organization’s strategic planning and reporting framework, using an all hazard approach. 


Protect All Your Assets

The framework provides security professionals with a flexible, modular and scalable process that achieves greater consistency and transparency in delivering integrated risk assessments. Moreover, the HTRVA provides a platform that leverages cross-domain interdependencies in analysing risks that are posed to Physical and Information Technology Assets. The final result is a product that provides senior decision makers with a clear and sound understanding of the risks faced by the organization.


HTVRA Methodology

The course participants will acquire an in-depth understanding of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the HTRVA methodology. The trainers will cover in detail all stages of the process, starting with the Preparation and Asset Identification and Valuation phases all the way to the Risk & Residual Risk Calculations and Final Recommendations for Senior Executives. 

Physical Security and Assets Protection – The Quintessential Training – 4 Day Course

This course presents the necessary elements to create, evaluate or mitigate weak or non-compliant work environments through a curriculum that has been explicitly created to instruct on the fundamentals of Physical Security in order to strengthen and advance a corporate security program toward achieving compliance and resilience.


Full Coverage

This course covers such topics as: Policies, Regulations and Best Practices, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Defence-in-Depth, Zoning, Lighting, Security Containers and Hardware, Destruction of Sensitive Information and Assets as well as the Basics of Construction for security compliance.


Increase Professional Standing

Although this course, as for all other short professional development sessions, is not an exhaustive and all-encompassing training, it is an in-depth source of information delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner, which will enable the participants to undertake the path to professionalism or increase their capacity as security practitioners.

Fundamentals Of Investigation – 3 Day Course

This course provides participants with the necessary elements to conduct administrative investigations in a corporate setting. The course curriculum has been explicitly created to provide the candidates with all the tools necessary to conduct fair, impartial, but most importantly, thorough and compliant investigations.


Techniques And Knowledge

This course covers such topics as document collection, Interview techniques, Natural Justice and Procedural Fairness, Interview Preparation, Access to Information,  Evidence Presentation, Report Writing, and the Provision of sound recommendations to the decision-maker. 


Increase Professional Standing

Although this course, as for all other short professional development sessions, is not an exhaustive and all-encompassing training, it is an in-depth source of information delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner, which will enable the participants to undertake the path to professionalism or to increase their capacity as investigators.

Hazardous Occurrence Investigation Training – 2 Day Course

This course provides Health and Safety Practitioners with the necessary elements to conduct comprehensive and compliant security incident investigations. The course curriculum has been created in order to meet the expectations set forth by the Canada Labour Code and the Ontario Labour Code as they pertain to the completion of OSH investigations.

Specialized Investigative Seminars – 1 Day Seminars

SITERA provides professionals with training specific to sensitive topics through its one day seminars that focus on particularly challenging areas of the security profession. Through those seminars, the candidates will have the opportunity to delve deep into a specific subject to secure a greater comprehension of the broader effect it has on the greater security environment.


Advance Interview Techniques

Interviews are essential for any investigation to be considered comprehensive.  While witnesses can provide invaluable information to investigators and a respondent confession serves to validate months or sometimes years of work and research, interviews must be conducted with tact and caution, as failing to do so may result in the collection of inaccurate evidence. As it has been seen, countless times, hasty or pressured interrogation are often thrown out of a judicial or administrative process because they do not meet the required standard of due process. 

What’s the core of this one-day focus seminar? The training builds on the basics of interviewing and incorporates the experience of investigators to unlock the consummate interviewer in each investigator. The Training covers such areas as: charter proofing interviews, meeting and exceeding Natural Justice and Procedural Fairness obligations, detecting deceit and so much more. This is a must for any investigator who wants to get the most out of their exchanges and ensure that the results of the interview will be deemed acceptable evidence in any potential subsequent judicial or disciplinary process.


Harassment and Workplace violence Investigation

While Harassment and Workplace Violence (HWV) investigations are at their basis. Investigations, they also differ greatly in a number of areas. This training focusses on these differences: Procedural Fairness, Clear and Focussed Framework, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) connection, Establishing the Investigative Framework, Concerns of the Parties, HWV specific Interviews and the Report Process.

Understanding the differences and similarities of these types of inquiries will enable investigators to manoeuvre carefully and accurately through the corridors of HWV investigations and deliver a compliant and fair product.


Natural Justice and Procedural fairness – Conduct fair, impartial and compliant Investigations

The Principles of Natural Justice and Procedural Fairness are quintessential to administrative investigations where the decision is made on “Balance of Probability”.  Several recent decisions by the superior court of Ontario, Quebec and the Federal Court have quashed investigations due to failings to adhere to these principles.

This one day course will provide candidates with the information necessary to complete thorough investigations. Throughout the course the following topics will be discussed:

  • Proper analysis of the investigation mandate;
  • Preparing comprehensive investigation notices;
  • Providing all the necessary information for the interview;
  • Factors to consider before conducting the interview; 
  • The preliminary Investigation Report – Investigative tool or a final attempt for the party to provide/refute the information provided;
  • Final report and recommendation
  • Review of recent decisions by various courts – What the Judge had to say.

Investigative Services

SITERA provides outstanding investigative services delivered by a group of professionals with extensive experience in various areas of the field of investigations, not limited to: Criminal Investigations, Military Code Offences, various Administrative Investigations, Workplace Violence and Harassment investigations.

Corporate Services

The professionals at SITERA and its associates provides a number of related services that support a holistic approach to corporate resiliency.

Threat Risk Assessments

Following the Government of Canada approved Harmonized methodology, SITERA provides outstanding and compliant Threat Risk Assessments to both the Industry and all levels of government across Canada. The TRAs completed by SITERA enable the decision makers to meet and exceed both; legislated and internally established security obligations in a fiscally reasonable manner.

  • Harmonized Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment:
  • Conduct of Risk Assessment pursuant to the Harmonized methodology in compliance with Government of Canada’s standards.
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a process or technique through which parties can settle disputes without resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation.  Because ADR is based on a collaborative approach that fosters positive conversation, it is a viable alternative to other forms of conflict resolution such as arbitration or mediation. ADR is also a restorative process that, following a finding, may enable management to restore a serene and productive workplace where all affected parties are made whole.

  • Informal Conflict Resolution
  • Resolution of Human Resources conflict in corporate setting;
  • Private disagreement resolution; and
  • Occupational Health and Safety Conflict Resolution
Emergency Management

Emergency management is the skill of organizing and managing corporate resources in dealing with all aspects of an emergency. The aim of emergency management is to reduce the harm associated with hazards, including disasters. Emergency management involves planning, the establishing of structures and logistics required to comprehensively respond to the whole spectrum of emergency needs and requirements.

  • Emergency Management and Business Continuity Program:
  • Program creation/tailoring;
  • Program evaluation; and
  • Preparing and leading Table Top exercises.
Business Continuity Planning

Once the crisis is over, it is time to return to work. Preparation for continuity of operation or the rapid return to regular business process is key to a resilient workplace. Business continuity planning is the process involved in creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to a company. Theplan also ensures that business processes continue during a time of emergency or disaster.

  • Business Continuity Planning:
  • Program creation/tailoring and;
  • Program evaluation.
Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety program of a company ensures that the employer complies with all its occupational Health and Safety obligations as per applicable regulations. The framework further provides guidelines for establishing and implementing programs that will reduce workplace hazards, protect lives and promote employee health. A vibrant and compliant program is critical to a healthy workplace and furthermore it is a component of demonstrating “due diligence” should an incident occur.

The professionals at SITERA provide a number of service is support of a company OHS program such as: 

  • Occupational Health and Safety Audits;
  • Assistance in resolving issues related to Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC) and Directives;
  • Occupational Health and Safety exercise; and
  • Harassment and Workplace Violence Investigations.


Based in Ontario, Canada